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TRANSMANUT, expertise in 2 key areas: handling equipment and bodywork

In 1979, Christian Savignard, created the first truck-mounted forklift in France. In 1983, he founded the company TRANSMANUT and worked closely with agricultural cooperatives in order to develop this innovative concept. Specialized in transportation and handling equipment, TRANSMANUT has acquired an experience in both key areas: Handling equipment and bodywork. In April 2011, TRANSMANUT has moved to its new facilities in order face its development and ensure a high quality production to give our customers a complete satisfaction.

TRANSMANUT - Vineuil factory (Blois - 41)

Handling activity: Truck-mounted forklifts and medium size series automotive equipment

For the past 30 years, TRANSMANUT has been accompanied the development of the French & European markets of truck-mounted forklifts. In the 2000s, the growth of the multidirectional model lead TRANSMANUT to create a multidirectional forklift with a capacity of 4500kg called TRANSVERSAL. In the mid 1990s, TRANSMANUT designed a new machine, called EUROTRANSPOSE (based on a 3 wheels machine) dedicated to help kerbs laying. It is achieving a growing success and became the ETP S based on a compact and efficient loader.

Bodywork: Bulk transport

In order to load a truck-mounted forklift on the rear of a truck, knowledge of the bodywork activity is essential : load distribution study, adaptability of mounting kits on the rear of the trucks. This is how the bodywork activity started. Transmanut quickly took an active interest in Bulk transport offering bodyworks dedicated to the transport of animal feeding and then to the transport of biomass (wood energy:woodchips and pellets).

Special development projects: know-how of made-to-measure solutions !

The expertise acquired on standard equipments helps TRANSMANUT to support its customers in designing and manufacturing of made to mesure equipments. TRANSMANUT - étude et réalisation d'équipements spéciauxOur fields of competence:

  • Design of hydraulic circuits;
  • Pneumatic conveying or Archimedean screw or belt;
  • Integration of wiring;
  • Static or dynamic weighing;
  • Management of standards concerning the design of machines and road transportation (ADR, …)

This know-how helped us to create “mobile units” especially for manufacturing of farm-food, explosives or anhydrite screed. TRANSMANUT Les Unités Mobiles de Fabrication... (MEMU - M.E.M.U)

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