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A range of efficient and standard equipment

For more than 30 years, the range has been developed in order to answer the evolution of your activities. For each model his own appliance. Beyond the standard models, we produce your truck-mounted forklift according to your specifications.

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Mounting on vehicles

Our expertise in bodywork helps us to offer optimum mounting solutions on your vehicles from 8 to 44 tons. The expertise and know-how of our design office ensures the best mounting, the best load distribution and an optimized running of your equipment. We interface the mounting kit on the frame or we can provide you all the details concerning the best contact for that in your area.

Made-to-measured for specific requirements

Responsive to the needs, our design office meets all your requirements. We do understand each requirement according to each activity and we study your made-to-measured forklifts with special arrangements, taking the most of technical advances.

Some examples of options and special arrangements on the truck-mounted forklifts

Special arrangements of our standard truck-mounted forklifts or special models

Reconditioned second hand materials

We regularly recondition second hand material. Please contact us.

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