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Transport, delivery, WOOD ENERGY, improve your supply chain with TRANSMANUT

The delivery, transport and storage of bulk or bags are new fast-evolving businesses. Those are major economic issues. Early on, TRANSMANUT has specialized its equipment and offers today a first-rate expertise.

A range of equipment of : transportation, pellets delivery and woodchips in bulks or bagsTRANSMANUT Camion bois-énergie

Blowing cistern especially for rigids, with a commercial accuracy weighing system

  • Appropriate components:  Development and design of main parts such as special rotary valves that allow the pellets’ discharge to keep its own qualities
  • A design: With its know-how, TRANSMANUT carries out the whole tanks’ sheating (lateral compartments, overhang sheating…) in order to offer an harmonious equipment with contained sizes, included in a wide range of payloads from 6 to 15 tons.
  • An approved weighing (commercial accuracy): a weighing indicator makes possible the display in real time of the weight that has been delivered. A printing ticket is given after each delivery. The whole system is approved and certified.

Removable blowing cistern, autonomous, equipped with a commercial accuracy weighing system

  • From 6 to 12 tons of payload, according to the rigid maximum authorized total weight
  • Blowing cistern completely autonomous with a booster pump in the rear compartment; cistern on a cradle to remove on the floor
  • Over a distance of 20 meters, with a pressure of 0,4 to 0,5 bars, the flow rates will be approximately of 15 tons per hour with a minimum dust emissionTRANSMANUT carrosserie et équipements de livraison bois-énergie

The best way to transport wood energy

Blowing cistern on cradle

  • Up to today, Transmanut has many references in bodyworking dedicated to the transportation of pellets.
  • In order to meet growing demand of fuel distributors, wishing to offer an environmentally alternative of heating, we’ve developed a new elliptically shaped removable cistern on a cradle
  • This cistern, fully in aluminium, has qualitative characteristics and accessories.
  • Moreover, there are compartments for hoses with independent sleeves, a box, an access ladder on the rear with a safety handrail in stainless steel, a backward movement with camera with an LCD screen into the cabin, a commercial accuracy approved weighing system allowing a ticket printing for the customer, a remote control for stopping and starting up the equipment, a vacuum cleaner, etc…
  • This cistern can be quickly removed on the floor thanks to the fully air suspension of the vehicle.
  • A body with sliding curtains with a truck-mounted forklift (Type CAB) makes the transportation and the delivery of your pallets to your customers fully independent.

Two-axle full trailer

Get the most of your tours, a rigid can be equipped with a trailer and becomes a surge hopper. The transfer is done from the rigid to the trailer with an articulated screw.

Transport equipment: pellets and woodchips in bulk and bags

Download the brochure Wood energy

Download the brochure Wood energy     Click on each picture or on this link (PDF 1,75 Mo)

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